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Big River Prairie Gold, LLC



Galva Zein facility within the Galva ethanol plant


Facility Information

Under Construction


1100 SE 2nd Street

Galva, IL 61434

Phone: 309-932-3192


Hours of Operation


Administrative Office

Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed Saturday & Sunday


Plant Details


Plant Manager

Shaun Knapp


Zein Sales:

Philip Shane

Director of Zein Operations and Sales



Zein Loading

Not Constructed Yet


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Big River Prairie Gold




Big River Resources, LLC, as majority owner and managing company, joined forces with Prairie Gold, Inc. of Bloomington, Illinois to form Big River Prairie Gold, LLC (BRPG) as of August 1, 2013.


Prairie Gold, Inc. is a technology and developmental company with a portfolio of patented technologies related to production of high-value products from corn. The mission of Prairie Gold, Inc. is to provide ethanol producers with a diversified mix of products in order to withstand the fluctuations in ethanol and corn.


BRPG will build a zein producing facility which will produce Amazein™ within the Galva ethanol plant. Zein (pronounced "zayne") is a protein from corn. Amazein™ is licensed exclusively by Prairie Gold, Inc. and was developed at the University of Illinois using the patented COPE process.


Amazein™ is a unique and superior product for several reasons:


Produced from whole raw corn.
The facility will borrow a small portion of corn from the ethanol plant and return it after removing zein from the corn.


It is produced prior to any processing at the "front-end" of the process.
Extreme processing is not used.


Only alcohol and water are used for the process.
The alcohol will be purchased from the ethanol process.


Does not have off-flavors which come from other harsh processes.
Broader functionality.


Products that can be produced from zein are chewing gum, food packaging, antioxidants, coating on M&Ms, nanomaterials, medical devices, biodegradable plastics, etc...


Big River Resources is excited to be a part of this joint venture in initially producing zein within the Galva, IL ethanol facility.